Women's Theatre Companies (U.S. & Canada)

Airmid Theatre Company
Tricia McDermott, Producing Artistic Director/Founder PO Box 2039 New York, NY 10163  Phone: (631) 704-2888  Email: info@airmidtheatre.org Website:  www.airmidtheatre.org

And Toto Too Theatre Company
Susan Lyles, Executive Director P.O. Box 17163 Denver, CO 80217  Phone: (720) 583-3975  Email: info@andtototoo.org  Website: www.andtototoo.org

Arizona Women's Theatre Company
6501 E. Greenway Parkway Suite 103, PMB 338 Scottsdale, AZ 85254  Phone: (602) 738-4597  Email: jbstrimple@gmail.com  Website: http://www.azwtc.org/

Artemisia, A Chicago Theatre
Julie Proudfoot, Artistic Director c/o Steve Scott, 5601 N. Sheridan #6A Chicago, IL 60660  Email: julie@artemisiatheatre.org Website: www.artemisiatheatre.org/

Babes With Blades
Amy Harmon, Managing Director Chicago, IL  Phone: (773) 904-0391  Email: Business@BabesWithBlades.org  Website: http://www.BabesWithBlades.org

The Bechdel Group
Gina L. Grandi, Artistic Director Email: bechdelgroup@gmail.com Website: www.thebechdelgroup.com

Brava! For Women in the Arts
2781 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110  Phone: (415) 641-7657  Email: info@brava.org  Website: www.brava.org

Echo Theatre
P.O. Box 570422 Dallas, TX 75357  Phone: (214) 904-0500  Email: mail@echotheatre.org  Website: www.echotheatre.org

Live Girls! Theatre Company
Seattle, WA  Email: info@lgtheater.org  Website: http://lgtheater.org/

The Looking Glass Theatre
New York, NY Email: admin@lookingglasstheatrenyc.com Website: www.thelookingglasstheatre.homestead.com

New Georges
Susan Bernfield, Artistic Director 109 West 27th Street, Suite 9A New York, NY 10001  Phone: (646) 336-8077  Email: info@newgeorges.org  Website: www.newgeorges.org

Nightwood Theatre
Nightwood Theatre (Business Office) The Historic Distillery District 15 Case Goods Lane, Studio 306 Toronto ON M5A 3C4  Phone: (416) 944-1740 Ext. 3Email: info@nightwoodtheatre.net  Website: www.nightwoodtheatre.net

Natalie Osborne, Artistic Director Phone: 203-218-4662 Email: natalie.noplays@gmail.com Website: www.noplays.com

Nora's Playhouse
Caroline Reddick Lawson, Artistic Director P.O. Box 21597 Brooklyn, NY 11202  Email: norasplayhouse@gmail.com  Website: www.norasplayhouse.org

Parity Productions
Ludovica Villar-Hauser, Artistic Director 450 West 17th Street, Suite 604 New York, NY 10011-5818 Phone: (646) 737-5180 Email: info@parityproductions.org Website: www.parityproductions.org

Potluck Productions
7338 Belleview Ave Kansas City, MO 64114  Phone: 816-523-5038  Website: http://www.kcstage.com/?a=TheatInfo&op=View&theatid=62&sid=1340364467

Red Hen Productions
P.O. Box 91926 Cleveland, Ohio 44101 Phone: (216) 661-4301 Email: redhen@logan.com

Renaissance Theaterworks
Julie Swenson, Artistic Director 158 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI53202  Phone: (414) 273-0800  Email: jswenson@r-t-w.com  Website: www.r-t-w.com

Stockyards Theatre Project
6549 N Ashland, #1S Chicago, IL 60626 Email: stockyards@stockyardstheatreproject.org Website: http://www.stockyardstheatreproject.org/

Tennessee Women's Theater Project
Maryanna Clarke, Founder and Artistic Director P.O. Box 158525 Nashville, TN 37215-8525  Phone: (615) 681-7220  Email: maryanna@twtp.org  Website: www.twtp.org

Theater Unbound
P.O. Box 6134 Minneapolis, MN 55406  Phone: (612) 721-1186  Email: info@theatreunbound.com  Website: www.theatreunbound.com

20% Theatre Company Chicago
Lindsay Bartlett, Artistic Director Chicago, IL  Email: info@twentypercentchicago.com  Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/20Theatre  Website:  www.twentypercentchicago.com

20% Theatre Company Twin Cities
Claire H. Avitabile, Executive Artistic Director 5152 Aldrich Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55430  Phone: (612) 227-1188  Email: info@tctwentypercent.org  Website: www.tctwentypercent.org

Venus Theatre
The Venus Theatre Play Shack 21 C St. Laurel, MD 20707  Phone: (202) 236-4078  Email: info@venustheatre.org  Website: www.venustheatre.org

Women's Expressive Theater
Sasha Eden, Artistic Director 75 Poplar Street, Suite 3B Brooklyn, NY 11201  Email: info@wetproductions.org  Website: www.wetproductions.org

Women's Project and Productions
55 West End Avenue New York, New York 10023  Phone: (212) 765-1706  Email: info@womensproject.org  Website: www.womensproject.org

Women's Theater Co.
The Parsippany Playhouse 1130 Knoll Road Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034  Phone: (973) 335-3038  Email: info@womenstheater.org  Website: www.womenstheater.org

WOW Theater Café
59-61 E 4th Street New York, NY 10003 (between 2nd Ave. and the Bowery; 4th floor)  Phone: (917) 725-1482  Email: wowcafetheater@gmail.com  Website: www.wowcafe.org (A member of FABNYC.org)

Women's Theatre Festivals (U.S. & Canada)

Annual arts festival, a multi-week event in New York City including short plays, solo shows, music, visual art, dance, stand-up comedy, teen performances and support for African girls’ education.
Founding Producer: Fiona Jones Executive Producers: Jen Thatcher & Malini Singh McDonald Manhattan Theatre Source Church St. Station PO Box 2883 NY NY 10008-2883  Phone: (917) 830-5176  Email: estrogenius.festival@gmail.com  Website: estrogenius.org

Kansas City Women's Playwriting Festival
7338 Belleview Ave Kansas City, MO 64114  Phone: 816-523-5038  Website: http://www.kcstage.com

Women Playwrights Initiative
Ivoryton Playhouse 103 Main Street (mail to: P.O. Box 458) Ivoryton, CT 06442 Email: laurac@ivorytonplayhouse.org info@ivorytonplayhouse.org Website: ivorytonplayhouse.org

Groundswell Festival
For Canadian women playwrights, annual festival.
Nightwood Theatre (Business Office) The Historic Distillery District 15 Case Goods Lane, Studio 306 Toronto ON M5A 3C4  Phone: (416) 944-1740 Ext. 3 Email: info@nightwoodtheatre.net  Website: www.nightwoodtheatre.net 


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