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October 18
1-5:30 p.m.
at MIST Harlem
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herFLIX brings us a DVD Collector's Box of films directed by women at a discounted price.
A portion of the proceeds is being donated to the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, so use the code "COALITION" to help you and us!
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Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc.
A Centralized Resource for the Advancement
of Professional Women in the Arts and Media Industries

The purpose of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition is to focus the power of our member organizations together and to use that combined strength to address issues of concern to women in the arts, media, and new media. We are committed to being the link between our member organizations as we collaborate to impact the various topics that affect women in our industry through advocacy, networking, and events. 

The Women in the Arts & Media Communal Calendar

The Communal Calendar has replaced our Calendar of Events, 
but we still highlight our Member Org events!
Our events are highlighted lavendar.
Our Full Member Org events are highlighted green.
Our Affiliate Member Org events are highlighted turquoise.
See the full calendar key and more information on the
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