The Women in the Arts & Media Communal Calendar 

lists events, programs, and submission opportunities 
for any arts, media, or women's organization or any opening or screening under appropriate union jurisdiction. 
Links to more information are provided wherever possible. Click on any item to see more information. 
These listings are provided as a public service for information purposes only. We are not responsible for RSVPs, costs, or availability. 


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Purple - Women in the Arts & Media Coalition Events

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Green - Coalition Member Org Events (AEA, AFM 802, DG, LPTW, NYWICI, NYWIFT, SAG-AFTRA, SDC, WGAE)

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Turquoise - Coalition Affiliate Member Org Events (BOLD, DD, ICWP, LA FPI, Lambs, NTC, PWSA, 365 WAY, WIM, WMC, WMM, WA)

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Orange - Public events by Academic Affiliates (SVA) and Friends of the Coalition

Yellow - Public events by theatres, producing organizations, advocacy organizations, across the country with appropriate union affiliations

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Grey - MEMBERS ONLY - any organization - private events and meetings - for blackout purposes only

Rose - Submission deadlines for projects from women

This is a public Google calendar (actually 7 public Google calendars to allow for the color coding)

and so can be added to your own Google calendar. 

(Just click on the +Google Calendar plus sign icon on the bottom right of the calendar itself).



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