New Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program
Supports new filmmakers in producing their first serious film project.  The grant awards the use of their Grant Program Arriflex 16SR camera package to senior and graduate thesis students and to independent filmmakers for a scheduled period of time. Proposed projects may be of any non-commercial nature: dramatic, narrative, documentary, experimental, etc.
New Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program Oppenheimer Cine Rental 7400 3rd Avenue South Seattle, WA 98108  Phone: (206) 467-8666  Fax: (206) 467-9165  Email:  Website:

Panavision New Filmmaker Program
Through this program, Panavision donates the use of 16mm or 35mm motion picture camera equipment to filmmakers who are making Public Service Announcements, Showcase Reels, “Low-Budget” Independent Features or any other type of Short, Non-Profit film.
NEW FILMMAKER PROGRAM To Find Your Local Panavision:  Website:


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