Some of the organizations working on gender parity in the theatre:
50/50 in 2020 (online) advocating for 50/50 representation by women in all areas of theatre
365 Women a Year (online)+ writing women back into history through plays about them
The Committee of the Jubilee (online) a call to action for the 2020-21 season to be all plays by women, people of color, and other under--recognized populations
The Counting Actors Project (Bay Area, CA) counting female representation in acting roles
Equity in Theatre Initiative (Canada) a Coalition of Canadian unions, guilds, & organizations
Good to Go Festival (NY) promoting works by women that have already been developed
Guerrilla Girls on Tour (USA)
History Matters Back to the Future (USA) promoting women's plays of the past
International Centre for Women Playwrights (online)+ 5050 Award to theatres with parity
LA Female Playwrights Initiative (CA)+ promoting female playwrights & directors in LA
League of Professional Theatre Women (NY/USA) ** advocating for professional theatre women
The Kilroys (online) listing yearly top available new plays by women
The Lilly Awards (NY) yearly awards for women in the theatre industry
National Theatre Conference (USA)+ Women Playwrights Initiative—committing to produce more plays by women in member’s seasons (primarily regional theatres and universities)
On Her Shoulders (NY) presenting neglected plays by important historical women playwrights
Stagesource Gender Parity Task Force (Boston)
Waking the Feminists (Ireland)
WomenArts (Bay Area, CA)+ SWAN Day—events throughout March, particularly the last Saturday in March, promoting women’s work worldwide
Women in the Arts & Media Coalition (NY/USA)
Works by Women (online) no longer functioning but the website still has information available
Works by Women San Francisco (Bay Area, CA)

** founding member organization of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition
+affiliate member organizations of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition